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Our mission is to promote a clean environment that protects our air, ground and water and ultimately our health by limiting our exposure and usage of pesticides and harmful cleaning products throughout the Village. We favor a reduction in conventional lawn/shrub treatments and support alternative methods such as organic products. We also suggest the use of alternative cleaning products, whenever possible in an effort to reduce toxins in the environment.

We are working to raise the level of awareness of our residents so that they are educated consumers. Residents are encouraged to gain information about products that are used on their property including the benefits and the risks. We request that large property owners, especially housing complexes such as apartments, condominiums, and town-homes employ alternative options over conventional for lawn/shrub treatment and pest management, whenever possible.


Consider the following questions:

What are the effects to the environment (short/long term), especially on our water supply?

What are the effects on our health – children, adults and pets (short/long term)?

Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Are properties being over-treated?

Can we still obtain favorable results using fewer treatments?


The following action steps will help minimize exposure to pesticides:


    Limit number of treatments per year by reducing the amount of treatments each season


    Use less of the product when applying


    Dilute the product to decrease potency


    Use alternative methods such as organic treatments


2009 Guide for Selecting an Evironmentally Conscious Landscaper


In addition, we are in the process of updating the Landscaper Registration Form to include more detailed information from contractors about their licensing and product usage.

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