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  "Media reports of concerns over synthetic turf fields in NJ received national attention in 2008, prompting REAC to form a sub-committee to conduct a 10-month assessment of whether these concerns affect the residents of Ridgewood. REAC focused on identifying the most current and objective information on synthetic turf, in order to provide an unbiased reference resource for the residents of the Village of Ridgewood. The assessment focused only on concerns, which may be applicable in Ridgewood and are specific to the synthetic “infill” turf field design at Maple Park.


The scope of REAC’s assessment was limited to environmental, health and human safety issues. Financial justifications were not considered. This assessment does not endorse natural grass or synthetic turf. REAC found no basis for environmental, health or safety concerns from synthetic turf in Ridgewood and recognizes benefits to the village, including the field design’s greater capacity to manage storm water in Maple Park’s flood plain. The detailed assessment can be found at the link below.”

Click Here to View the Maple Park Field Synthetic Turf Assessment

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