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Village of Ridgewood Energy AuditThe Village is in the process of selecting a vendor from the Energy Services Coalition to audit and assess current energy usage and costs, and to identify, analyze, and recommend energy conservation measures, renewable energy systems, and strategies for the purchase/procurement of energy and “green power” with the ultimate goals of reducing the Village’s energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.The Energy Services Coalition is a national nonprofit organization composed of a network of experts from a wide range of organizations working together at the state and local level to increase energy efficiency and building upgrades through energy savings.The vendor will perform of an audit of all Village energy usage/purchasing at Village buildings and facilities, to include:


Mechanical Systems. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, energy management and control systems, domestic hot water systems, distribution systems, etc.


Plants. Distribution systems, heating systems.


Lighting systems. - Indoor and outdoor lighting systems, lighting controls, daylighting strategies and traffic controls.


Building envelope systems. windows, doors, insulation, weatherization, etc. for energy efficiency effectiveness.


Specialty Systems - Laundry equipment, kitchen equipment, pool systems.


Water and Sewage Systems- Automatic controls, pumps faucet aerators, toilets.


Municipal Wastewater and Freshwater Treatment Systems- Pumps, motors, etc.


The final report will discuss introducing Cogeneration/Solar/Wind/ Geothermal and other alternate energy technologies into the Village’s plan.

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